“The smartest thing I’ve done in setting up my new company was to solicit advice and guidance from Business Sense Solutions and Jerry Hurley. Jerry has provided me with solid advice, enlightenment, clarity and focus and the confidence I need to be successful. Why leave your future to chance when you can dramatically increase your success rate with Business Sense Solutions?”

Gabe Hobbs, President

Gabe Hobbs Media


"In this economic downturn, I never would have believed my law firm would become so success. During the last year, Jerry Hurley has taken my practice to astounding heights. It was the first time starting my own business and I had no idea where to begin. Having Jerry on my side, advising me on finances, bookkeeping, marketing, employees and time management, really helped my law firm grow quickly, but smoothly. His directives also allowed me to spend more time with my family and provided me with peace of mind, knowing I could reach him at any day of the week, day or night. Jerry is a huge asset to my practice and I will continue to use him as a mentor and advisor in the years to come. Thank you, Jerry."


Nicki Fernandez Asmer, Esq.

Fernandez Florida Law, P.A.


"Working with Jerry Hurley with Business Sense Solutions was the single BEST business decision I have ever made!!

Jerry is a great listener, very intuitive, non- threatening, and motivating. Having said all that, he doesn’t mess around! He will get after you if he feels you are not doing your “homework” or not prepared for your meeting! He pushed me to think bigger than I ever thought was possible.

I am enjoying a much more lucrative business thanks to my training. I HIGHLY recommend Jerry Hurley with Business Sense Solutions!"

Elizabeth West, President

Starring You Life Coaching


"Thank you for your guidance and encouragement as we developed new directions for our Real Estate business. Your direct approach and insight, excellent planning skills, and “get involved” attitude made the entire process a pleasure, and best of all -- our ROI was at least 300%!"

Paul and Nancy Cross, Owners

The Cross Team at Keller Williams


"I have worked with Jerry on several occasions. Jerry is one of the most knowledgeable and inspiring people I know. My wife and I were looking into how we should structure a franchise we were considering buying and Jerry was able to point out some potential pitfalls as well as give us some very valuable insight into practical ways to obtain financing and structure our business so that it could eventually run without us, as well as some practical applications for forming our business entity. We definitely look forward to growing our business and having Jerry as part of our advisory team. Jerry is not only knowledgeable but also very influential and is the right guy to know for any business situation".

Gregg Mazza, CEO
BrightStar Healthcare



"Jerry has been a tremendous asset to our business. His business knowledge and leadership skills are evident within the first couple meetings. He has continually impressed us throughout our ongoing relationship. He knows when to listen, when to coach, when to lead, and when to be "hands on". We would highly recommend Jerry to anyone in the business world; whether it is a manager of a department or entrepreneur of all levels."

Michael Heald, President

PharmUcare, Inc.


"Jerry made me realize the cold, hard facts about where my business was headed. He doesn't sugar coat things, but sometimes that's what you need to get your head on straight and turn things around for profitability. I do believe his suggestions "saved" me from years of doing things the hard way."

Heather Lambie, Editor in Chief

Your Home Editor


"He's been a client of ours for almost 20 years. To have someone of his caliber in our community is phenomenal because every business needs a plan to give them a huge advantage over their competition. Normally people use CPA's or someone with an MBA but it's much better to have someone like Jerry who has a successful track record of his own in the business world."

Martin Wathen, President

Wathen Accounting Services


"I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and Business Sense Solutions for providing me with business advising services which has allowed my company, Behavioral Consulting of Tampa Bay, to advance to the level we are at today. As you know, when I sought out your services over 5 years ago, I was a very skilled behavior analyst but lacked business management skills. Your experience and guidance prompted me to make many changes to my business which, as a result, immediately became more profitable. Since beginning services with Business Sense Solutions, I have opened a clinic in the Westchase area and a second location in Wesley Chapel. We are continuing to expand our services and our staff in order to help children with autism or other behavioral difficulties receive appropriate therapy throughout the Tampa Bay area and its surrounding counties. I am so grateful that I was referred to you when my company was in need of direction. If I would have continued running my company with our old business model, I would be working for someone else today. Thanks for everything that you do for me professionally and personally."

Kelley Gardner, MA BCBA President

Behavioral Consulting of Tampa Bay, Inc.



“Jerry has been a tremendous asset to my business. He has taught me the power of clear intentions and understanding the power of the mind to get from where you are to where you want to be. Jerry has shown me how to use the power of focus to maximize the potential of my business. He has provided me with the management tools to operate my organization and achieve long term profitability.”


Villard Houston, Jr, President
V. H. Jr., & Associates, Inc.
Urban Florida League of Business, Inc.


"Jerry is enthusiastic in learning about you and how you interact with your business. He can assist your business in reaching its goals. He has the ability to bring out the best in a situation, so goals are achieved. I am confident in referring this knowledgeable, personable, experienced

Lynne Wilson, Account Manager

Symplicity Payment Solutions


"My business was doing well, but it wasn’t growing as fast as I wanted. Jerry Hurley helped me get focused and totally changed our marketing strategy. In a bad economy with customers going out of business, Superior Benefits still showed significant growth through 2009. Jerry Hurley helped make that happen."

Joe Stagliano, President

Superior Benefits


"We wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done for us and our business, Bella Garden. Your sincere and pure intention to help businesses succeed has made the most impact on us.

Our initial contact with you to obtain a business plan was a far cry from the education and training we needed to go into business and eventually come to the point of utilizing a business plan. Plan is the key word here. Because of your tenacious planning methods, you have sculpted a map for us to follow in an effort to bring us to where we are now.

Jerry, you are a non-judgmental teacher, mentor, motivator, knowledge base, resource, and a superior listener. Your teaching technique is casual yet thorough, interactive, thought provoking and captivating. While you have your own method and ideology, you never impose it on us. You always let us come to our own conclusions and encourage us to create our own style. What helps most during meetings is that you review, review, and review until a concept or business practice is understood.

As a result of working with you, we've have changed the way we view ourselves, interact with people, dress for success and ultimately have shaped the way we do business. You are remarkably available for us at all times and manage to keep our vision focused. The knowledge that we have acquired has assisted us in being more confident businesswomen who are moving boldly into the future.

Having just moved to an expanded location is proof that actively applying what we have learned from you is a recipe for success. The most important investment we have made in our business is starting from the beginning of our venture with you and Business Sense Solutions!

Jerry we are eternally grateful to you for sharing your time, knowledge and vast experience so that we may be among your success stories."

Maria & Stacey, Owners

Bella Garden


"Thank you so much for sharing your business experience and expertise. I wish that I would have known you before starting the business as I suspect I would have been better prepared for the demands of small business ownership. I am so happy to finally have control of my business. I feel that I am better prepared to make decisions with you as an advisor."

Dr. Lisbeth W. Roy

A3 Institute


"Jerry Hurley, in the simplest terms, saved our business. After being in operation for seven years, we were at a loss for reasons why our business continued to barely keep its head above water financially; despite producing quality, cutting-edge products, and having consistently happy customers. Unlike the bevy of ‘business how-to’ books and seminars with generalized, non-specific instruction and theories, Jerry takes a completely different approach: Each business is unique, so is its recipe for success. We continue to be amazed that the amount of time, care and passion that Jerry took to get to know us as people and businesswomen, our operations and methods of conducting business, our industry and competitive climate. Then he tactfully and compassionately told us everything we were doing wrong, and exactly what to do to turn the business around. The principles of time management, networking and (most importantly) having a PLAN of where we want our business to go, amazingly, were unfamiliar to us. Jerry not only convinced us that these principles were essential to a successful business, he taught us how to implement them step-by-step. This is what sets Jerry’s services apart from any other consultant. The best instance of how Jerry’s instruction directly and immediately affected our business occurred in December 2008:

Jerry taught us that networking with other Wedding and Event professionals would increase sales and exposure in the Tampa Bay Area. We met and spent time with the catering executives at the Renaissance Vinoy Resort in St. Petersburg. One week after we met them, they called us to meet with a VIP client and present invitation designs for their client’s wedding invitations. The wedding of Florida Governor Charlie Crist to Carole Rome turned out to be the most publicized Florida wedding in decades. We received so much credibility, as well as local exposure, from newspapers and television stations that now, more than 3 months after the event, new clients continue to pour in that learned of us from this event. Other respected industry professionals have come calling as well, referring their clients and ultimately increasing sales. The domino affect is amazing.

Jerry’s impression is lasting and far-reaching. When we are faced with an important decision or pivotal situation, we ask ourselves, “What would Jerry do?” Jerry— a suggestion for your next marketing promo item: get some rubber bracelets made that say “WWJD?” We would wear them proudly. Most importantly, we no longer walk in the door in the morning and wonder how much longer we will be in business. Our future is bright and clear."

Amy Willoughby & Britta Spanke, Owners

Not From A Box, Inc.



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