The intent of a Business Feasibility Assessment (BFA) is to determine the overall viability of starting a new business venture. This task will be accomplished through your participation in multiple working sessions with a Business Sense Solutions management advisory service representative. During these meetings detailed questions pertaining to the business will be explored to faciliate the process.

Based upon information gathered, including the generation of a Pro Forma Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet and Start-Up Cost projections, an evaluation of the company's potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats will be complied.

The Business Feasibility Assessment ( BFA) will address all key elements within a professionally developed business plan:

Company Description - Target Market - Competition - Marketing & Sales - Operations - Management Structure - Future Development - Financials.

Upon completion a mutual decision regarding the practicality of proceeding forward with the implementation of the business will be ascertained.

"Thank you so much for sharing your business experience and expertise. I wish that I would have known you before starting the business as I suspect I would have been better prepared for the demands of small business ownership." .....   Dr. Lisbeth W. Roy, D.O.


Other Services:
Business Assessment Consultations (BAC), Business Plan Preparations (BPP), Financial Procurement Strategies (FPS) , Personal Mentoring Activities (PMA), Short Term Action Plan (STAP), and Business Feasibility Assessments (BFA) .



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