Business Sense Solutions provides Personal Mentoring Activities (PMA) as an avenue to those business owners who seek business direction from a knowledgeable business professional. Most business owners are extremely knowledgeable about the products or services offered through their company.

Unfortunately not all business owners understand the total responsibilities of running the entire business nor do they possess the skill sets required to manage all elements of the business.

Although the typical business owner may know “How to Make the Cookie”- they frequently do not know “How to Run the Bakery.”

Today’s entrepreneur realizes that not having all the answers is not a weakness but rather it is totally acceptable to seek out advice in those areas needing assistance to insure the success of their company.

Personal Mentoring Activities (PMA) provides the business owner with knowledge and advice that allows them to achieve their company goals and objectives. Making the proper decisions at the right time benefits not only the business
owner but everyone affiliated with the organization.

Whether it’s a two hour discussion on a new marketing strategy or a quick telephone call to discuss a potential customer service problem…….Personal Mentoring Activities (PMA) can provide the peace of mind needed to make
the proper decisions to insure the success of their company.

Personal Mentoring Activities (PMA) are offered on an “as needed” basis without any contractual obligations.

Why risk making the wrong decision when you’re a phone call or a short meeting removed from receiving sound professional
business advice.

"Jerry made me realize the cold, hard facts about where my business was headed."

                                                                   Heather Lambie, Editor in Chief

                                                                   Your Home Editor


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Business Assessment Consultations (BAC), Business Plan Preparations (BPP), Financial Procurement Strategies (FPS) , Personal Mentoring Activities (PMA), Short Term Action Plan (STAP), and Business Feasibility Assessments (BFA) .




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