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I was as skeptical as the next person when I scheduled my first meeting with Jerry Hurley.  I knew I wanted to take my business “to the next level” but I did not know how to do it, or whether I would be able to handle a larger business.  I brought along two trusted advisors to my first meeting and we were all extremely impressed with Jerry and what he had to offer.   In the period of just a very few months, I have learned about my finances and my business as a whole.  I understand the importance of utilizing my P & L and Balance Sheet each month and my projections for the coming year.  I know where I stand financially on a day to day basis as well as where I am headed.  I have hired people to help me run the business and generate more income without losing the warm, personal feel that I had already developed. 


I no longer consider myself to be just a Psychologist in private practice.  I can now confidently say that I am a Psychologist and a Small Business Owner.  Once I had the right people and a better model in place, I realized that my business can generate the necessary income to support more employees and deliver very high quality services – and I do not have to do it all myself.   He has helped me see what is possible and how to get there – by going at the right pace, neither too quickly or too slowly.  It is all about having a plan! 

Jerry has truly become my right hand business person, available for scheduled meetings as well as impromptu emails and phone calls.  He has helped me draft contracts, approach negotiations, meet with related professionals to “get the word out” and even interview prospective employees.  I have learned about public relations, marketing and networking.  He took the time to genuinely understand me, my profession and personal goals.  He is willing to ask the hard questions and patient enough to listen to the complex answers.  His excellent interpersonal skills and wisdom made it possible to work through some of the more  sensitive issues inherent in my profession where confidentiality is critical, and self-promotion and marketing are often frowned upon. He has helped me to appreciate the important components of running a business both from the inside and out.   I have already recommended Jerry to several friends and even family members.   

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